Who is Gloria Lutie Smith?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Gloria Lutie Bleich Smith was born in Omaha, Nebraska; she was the daughter of Fred and Lutie Bleich. Her older brother was my father, Richard Herbert Bleich. My understanding is she took some art classes at University of Omaha. I am not a fan, but do have a pink floral with my uncle Smitty's textured frame. My daughter Ann has a Raggedy Ann and Andy done by Gloria's mother Lutie Bleich.

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Gloria Lutie Smith was my mother — certainly one of the most prolific artists of our time... She sold over 10,000 original paintings (and that includes only the ones that were documented). Her favorite media was oil paint, in the impasto style (a very thick application of the paint), and typically worked on masonite. She also painted many watercolors,

encaustics (using bees wax), many assemblages (in multiple materials), scratchboard, silverprint, and sculpture. Her subject matter ranged from (most famous) florals, landscapes, portraits, abstract and ‘special request’ imagery commissions. Many of her later works were influenced by her favorite era, Impressionism... Her artwork is published in the Artists of World Renown, she has paintings in the Whitney Museum, and the Smithsonian. She received a commission to paint a portrait of William Jennings Bryan, which hangs in the Governor’s mansion in Lincoln, Nebraska; as well as several other commissions for large scale paintings (of Terra Mina, Italy, and other landscapes), that hang in commercial buildings in Omaha, Nebraska. She had her first one-woman art show at age 13.

Sadly, mom passed away on April 22nd, 2019, at the age of 91.

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My name is Vicki Klima. I have an original floral painting of Goria Lutie Smith

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Q: Who is Gloria Lutie Smith?
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