Who is Jacob Pichhadze?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Jacob (Yaacov) Pichhadze is a contemporary master artist, and a pedagogue of visual arts, whose works are internationally acclaimed for their diversity, masterful technique and sophistication. The works have captivated art lovers worldwide, and have been sought after by private, public and corporate collectors. Jacob Pichhadze was the subject of the documentary film Georgia from Overseas.

Jacob Pichhadze's career as an artist and art teacher began in his native Republic of Georgia, where he earned his Bachelor of Education and Master of Fine Arts.

In 1972 he immigrated to Israel, where his works gained national and international attention. They have been featured internationally in solo and group exhibitions, as well as international trade shows such as Artexpo.

In Israel, the exhibitions where held in museums, cultural institutions, and politicians; and celebrities private homes. The exhibitions were often opened and attended by dignitaries such as Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers, Mayors, and entertainment celebrities.

Jacob is also a known philanthropist, having organized numerous art exhibits aimed at raising awareness of and funds for causes ranging from battered women shelters to sick children, hospitals to war amputee associations, sports clubs to poverty stricken families, from the physically and mentally challenged to the assimilation of immigrant families, from support of refugees to support of fellow artists. Jacob also contributed numerous mural paintings to decorate buildings of institutions housing the physically and mentally challenged children, such as his mural paintings in the Bait-Norit Peled Institute (Israel).

In recognition of his artistry and altruism Jacob Pichhadze received numerous awards in Israel.

Pichhadze immigrated with his family to Toronto, Canada, in 1988. Shortly afterward his paintings were featured at the Heritage Gallery in the city Yorkville district.

The exposure to the North American art scene was an impetus to the creation of a new collection of paintings, which took a decade to complete. The works consist of different styles, subject matter, mediums and techniques. Particularly noteworthy are the pastel paintings which feature a rare technique developed by the artist. Yazi Gallery is proud to debut the collection, which brings new life to the international art scene. With this new body of work Jacob Pichhadze establishes himself as one of the most significant contemporary artists.

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Q: Who is Jacob Pichhadze?
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