Who is Raymond Duchamp?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Raymond Duchamp-Villon (1876-1918) was a sculptor. His brother was better known: Marcel Duchamp, dadaist painter, sculptor etc.

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Q: Who is Raymond Duchamp?
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When was Raymond Duchamp-Villon born?

Raymond Duchamp-Villon was born in 1876.

When did Raymond Duchamp-Villon die?

Raymond Duchamp-Villon died in 1918.

What has the author Raymond Duchamp-Villon written?

Raymond Duchamp-Villon has written: 'Raymond Duchamp-Villon, 1876-1918' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation, Exhibitions

Are Marcel Duchamp and Jacques Villon related?

They were brothers. Their brother was also the sculptor Raymond Duchamp-Villon.

How many siblings did marcel duchamp have?

Marcel Duchamp technically had seven siblings, but he was directly related and influenced by his two older brothers Jacques Villon and Raymond Duchamp-Villon, as well as his sister and childhood playmate Suzanne Duchamp-Crotti.

What has the author William C Agree written?

William C. Agree has written: 'Raymond Duchamp-Villon'

What materials were used to build 'the horse' by Raymond Duchamp-Villon?

The artist has used Bronze and Patina to make this artwork.

Is Marcel Duchamp single?

No, Marcel Duchamp is not single.

When did Alexina Duchamp die?

Alexina Duchamp died in 1995.

When was Duchamp - clothing - created?

Duchamp - clothing - was created in 1989.

When was Alexina Duchamp born?

Alexina Duchamp was born in 1906.

Who is Marcel Duchamp?

Marcel Duchamp is a famous 20th century artist.