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i have oil painting of a dark lane with w cha[man signed in corner

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i have a large woodland mountain oil painting . would like to know more about the artist had it over 20yrs.

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Q: Who is w Chapman you have an oil painting signed w Chapman?
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Who is 'W Chapman' oil painting artist?

William Ernest Chapman an oil artist born in Altmar NY in 1858. Studied in Chicago. He is known for interior, figure and landscaping painting.

Were would i fined Oil painting's by w Chapman?

Hello I do have one by W. Chapman is a raccoon seating at the edge of the water with some plants in his left side, oil, mint condition and sign...if interested email me at

How much is w Chapman painting worth?


Oil painting by W Chapman the frame is 12by16 need info?

What sort of info can you expect by telling the name of the artist and the size of the frame?

How much is a w Chapman painting worth?

W. Chapman's paintings are worth anywhere from 200$'s to 1000$'s depending on the size. what or where is the best place in NJ or ny to have my painting appraised

How much is an oil painting by W Harold Hancock of a covered bridge?

Bar painting

What has the author W Williams written?

W. Williams has written: 'The art of landscape painting in oil colours' -- subject(s): Technique, Landscape painting

When did W. Chapman Revercomb die?

W. Chapman Revercomb died in 1979.

When was Orlow W. Chapman born?

Orlow W. Chapman was born in 1832.

What is William W. Chapman's birthday?

William W. Chapman was born on August 11, 1808.

When was William W. Chapman born?

William W. Chapman was born on August 11, 1808.

What has the author W Dobson Chapman written?

W. Dobson Chapman has written: 'County Palatine'