Who married Maya Ying Lin?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Daniel Wolf, a New York Photography dealer.

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Q: Who married Maya Ying Lin?
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Maya ying lin?

not in slavery

What date was Maya Lin married?

Maya Lin was married in 1986

What is Maya ying lin doing now?

in canada

Who was son of a poor farmer?

maya ying lin

Who designed the Vietnam war memorial in Washington dc?

george washington

Who designed the Vietnam war memorial?

Maya Ying Lin

Who was the veterans memorial designed by?

Maya Ying lin

Did Maya ying Lin have a job?

Maya Lin did have a job before she became an architect, while in high school she worked at McDonald's.

Can you give the dates of Maya Ying Lin's accomplishments?

in 1982, a veteran war veterans memorial designed by Maya lin was completed

When did Maya Ying Lin die?

she ddnt she is still alive today

Who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall?

Maya Ying Lin

What state did Maya Ying Lin come from?

She was born in Athens, Ohio.