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If you are looking for an answer from the movie or the TV show, there isn't one. It was never stated.

According to the book, Daniel Gregg said that the painting was done by a man who paid for his sea passage that way -- and that the painter was also a bigamist! No name was ever given.

If you are asking what person (alive) painted the portrait for the movie, I am clueless, but if you are asking who painted the portrait for the TV show, I don't know the name of the artist, but he retained ownership of the painting. When the series was cancelled after two years, the artist offered to sell it to the TV ghost, Edward Mulhare for some very large sum -- like $30.000. Mulhare declined. The painting then went up for auction at Sotheby's Auction house and was sold to a private buyer. Its whereabouts today in 2008 are unknown.

The name of the artist who painted the sea captain was John George Vogel. He was an English portrait painter. The reason I know is because he also worked on another portrait entitled, "The Lady" which won first international prize. His show was in the Francis Taylor Gallery (owned by Elizabeth Taylor's father) in Beverly Hills. My mother was walking through his Gallery one day and was approached by Mr. Vogel to paint her portrait. She "sat" for the painting for a year which lends to it's extremely lifelike quality. I know about this artist because the portrait is of my Mother. I have photos to lend provenance, as well, but the painting now hangs in my home.

Hey! Your story is cool! I would LOVE to see a photo of the portrait he did of your mother. (I would also LOVE to know what happened to the portrait on the tv show...

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Q: Who painted Captain Daniel Gregg's portrait in The Ghost and Mrs Muir?
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