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Q: Who painted a flower painting who was a girl?
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Who painted The Chinese Girl also known as The Green Lady?

The painting 'The Chinese Girl', also known as 'The Green Lady' was painted by Vladimir Tretchikoff. It is an oil painting and canvas and was painted between 1952 and 1953.

Painting a young girl reading 1776?

The painting is painted by Jean-Honore Fragonard.

The time range of the painting the 'White Trumpet'?

'The White Trumpet Flower' was painted in 1932.

Why was the painting called White Trumpet Flower painted?

I do not understand the question WHY. Georgia O'Keeffe painted hundreds of flowers because she was able to show how beautiful and/or interesting they are. The White Trumpet Flower is no exception.

What is the date that Georgia O'Keeffe painted the 'White Trumpet Flower'?

It was painted in 1932. Such a painting cannot be finished in one day, so there is no exact date.

What was Salvador Dali's first famous painting?

'Girl by the Window' painted in 1925.

What type of paintings did van goh do a lot of?

i think Van Gogh painted the sun flower painting the most.

When was the painting The Ambassadors painted?

The painting The Ambassadors was painted in 1533.

Who is the artist who painted a girl crocheting?

I have found a couple of painters who painted a girl crocheting. I have attached links to photos of each of the artists painting of "girl crocheting," so that you can figure out which one is your correct answer.The first one, would be Edmund C. Tarbell, his painting titled: "A Girl Crocheting" was done in 1904. He was an American Impressionist, with paintings now in museums, collections and even the White House.Another painter I found with a painting titled: "Girl Crocheting," was painted by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, in 1875. Renoir is another Impressionist artist.

What year was the painting tools by karla horst painted?

what year was the painting painted

When was the flower vendor painted by Diego Rivera?

The Flower Vendor was painted in 1942.

When was the girl with a pearl earring painted by Vermeer?

The closest date the painting can be pinned down is between 1665 and 1667.