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The Guardian (c. 1918) was painted by H. Zabateri as a postcard (Austria?). Original postcards with the artist's name (credit) can be purchased from collectors. Several prints of this painting have been attributed to "Lindberg". Lindberg copied the orginal painting and used brighter colors, detail changes, and simplier figures.

There are pages of prints for sale on the internet by H. Zabateri. They are primarily of religious themes, such as his well known image of "The Last Supper" and another of the "Sacred Heart of Jesus". There is little information on who H. Zabateri was, or where he was from.

As with many artists of the era, Zabateri was a pseudonym, another name by which an artist signed his work. H. Zabateri was also known as Hans Zatzka; an Austrian who was born in Vienna in 1859 and died somewhere around 1945.

It appears Hans Zatzka used the pseudonym of H. Zabateri for his more Christian religious works, (though there are some allegorical/mythological images with the Zabateri signature). Zatzka was known for his allegorical subjects, genre scenes, and figures. According to online biographies; he spent many years dedicating his painting to the churches and other known establishments of Austria.

He was the student of the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna from 1877 to 1882. While he decorated numerous churches of Vienna, Mayerling, Olmutz and Innsbruck, he was most widely known for his passionate images depicting women, fairies and mythological subjects.

Aware of the popularity of his women, Zatzka combined his love of painting women into great paintings which were in turn reproduced into postcards. He produced a vast amount of postcards during his time.

Hans Zatzka's original work sells for thousands of dollars (U.S.), where as no original Zabateri work has ever shown up at a major auction house. It is possible that the Zabateri originals are being listed at auction as Zatzka's; but this is very difficult to research.

Hans Zatzka, in addition to Zabateri; also painted under the pseudonym names of P. Ronsard and J. Bernard.

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The name of the painting is Heiliger Schutzengel. The artist is only known as Lindberg.

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Probably The Guardian Angel By B. Plockhorst

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Q: Who painted guardian angel painting with bridge two children?
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