Who was Ernst Ludwig Kirchner?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880 - 1938) is one of the famous painters of German Expressionism.

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Q: Who was Ernst Ludwig Kirchner?
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What is Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's birthday?

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was born on May 6, 1880.

When did Ernst Ludwig Kirchner die?

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner died on June 15, 1938 at the age of 58.

What has the author Ernst Ludwig Kirchner written?

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner has written: 'Ernst Ludwig Kirchner in der Graphischen Sammlung der Staatsgalerie' '[Paintings]' '\\' -- subject(s): Color in art, Exhibitions 'Ernst Ludwig Kirchner; a retrospective exhibition' -- subject(s): Exhibitions 'Davoser Tagebuch' 'Faszination Kirchner' -- subject(s): Artistic Photography, Exhibitions 'Zeichnungen 1, 1906-1925' 'E.L. Kirchner' -- subject(s): Exhibitions, German Painting 'Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 1880-1938' -- subject(s): Exhibitions 'Ernst Kirchner' 'Briefe an Nele und Henry van de Velde' -- subject(s): Correspondence 'Von Dresden nach Davos' 'Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Holzschnittzyklen' 'E.L. Kirchner, Zeichnungen : Pastelle, Aquarelle' 'Der Architekt Ernst Ludwig Kirchner' -- subject(s): Cemeteries, Design 'Ernst Ludwig Kirchner und die \\' 'Ernst Ludwig Kirchner' 'Farbige Graphik' 'E.L. Kirchner, paintings and works on paper' -- subject(s): Exhibitions

What actors and actresses appeared in Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Zeichnen bis zur Raserei - 2000?

The cast of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Zeichnen bis zur Raserei - 2000 includes: Ernest Ludwig Kirchner as himself

Where was Ernst Ludwig Kirchner born?

Germany in Aschaffenburg

What is Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's painting style?

Bold colours.

What has the author Lucius Grisebach written?

Lucius Grisebach has written: 'Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: 1880-1938 (Big Series : Art)' 'Willem Kalf, 1619-1693' 'Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 1880-1938 (Big Art)'

When was Ernst Küppers born?

He committed suicide by shooting himself through the heart with a pistol, on 15th June 1938. He was 56 years old when he died- he was driven to kill himself following years of persecution by the Nazis, who labelled him a 'degenerate artist' and sold or destroyed over 600 of his pictures. The last years of his life were spent in Davos, in Switzerland.

Who hid behind the nom de plume Louis de Marsalle?

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner wrote as Louis de Marsalle a preface for his work.

Who led the Die Brucke school?

Ernst Kirchner

What is Ernst Ludwig's birthday?

Ernst Ludwig was born on November 25, 1868.

When was Ernst Ludwig born?

Ernst Ludwig was born on November 25, 1868.