Who was G Bogard?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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G. Bogard

G. Bogard is a remarkble painter. He is talented in painting Western scenes in the natural outdoors. His works include cattle, wild buffalo, and cowboys out in the West. The setting is simple, allowing the subjects to stand out. Dong Kim pays great attention to detail, painting every detail with precision.

His short brush strokes give the subjects texture and realistic features. He balances the use of dark and light colors well, which creates a dramatic look. He captures the adventures and wilderness of the West beautifully.


"Shinchun Ten Artist Exhibition ", Woongjun Galler (Seoul, Korea)

"Beautiful Scenery Exhibition", Sejong Center(Seoul, Korea)

"12th Korean Art Festival", Seoul City Gallery(Seoul, Korea)

"Korea Croquis Exhibition", Sebang Art Hall(Seoul, Korea)

"Seoul Artist Exhibition", Seoul Shinmoon(Seoul, Korea)

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Q: Who was G Bogard?
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