Who was Zara Ellwood?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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My parents purchased a Zara Ellwood water-color painting when they got married in 1939. I asked my mother if the artist was famous. She replied, "she's an 'off-the-wall' alcoholic, Greenwich Village NYC painter. Maybe one day she will be."

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Q: Who was Zara Ellwood?
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Selling a painting of zara ellwood?

A Painting by Zara Ellwood called Wild Rose water color

Who is painter Zara Ellwood?

Although I haven't personally heard of this artist, I did some research and found prints/paintings of this artist for sale on eBay. Please go on: TYPE IN: artist Zara Ellwood You'll find a lot of original paintings and many prints for sale. Good luck!

What is the going rate for paintings by artist Zara Ellwood?

I believe I answered your post before and have found paintings and mainly prints by Zara Ellwood, but could not find what an actual price of one of her paintings would go for at an art dealership. I suggest you go to a good art dealer with the painting (or take a picture of it) and see if they can tell you. Good luck I did come up with some information of a person to get in touch with off the web, but unless you are serious about purchasing a Zara Ellwood painting I wouldn't bother this person. While Zara Ellwood can be found on occasion in Manhattan and Brooklyn, I've never seen one in Pittsburgh so we brought one here. This piece has a very glamorous feel to it. In the original frame, it is large at 28" x 41." Email: or 724-986-0741, Wed.-Sat. 11-5.

My mother has a Zara Ellwood painting of what looks like a vase with branches coming out of it and it's sitting on a flat pedestal in the center of possibly a pond Are you familiar with this piece?


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