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In 1650, there were many very good Dutch artists, the ones we know best today are Rembrandt and Vermeer. Velázquez and Zurbaran in Spain.

Poussin and Claude Lorrain renchmen) in Italy.

Bernini, the Italian sculptor.

(The list could be very long.)

In 1800:

England: JH Fuseli and William Blake.

France: J-L David, Elizabeth Vigée Lebrun, JAD Ingres.

Italy: Canova, sculptor.

US: Benjamin West, JS Copley, G Stuart.

Spain: Goya

I hope you did not mean the period between 1650 and 1800 (which you did not write).

That would have filled a book!

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Just a few thousands - do not expect a list!

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Landscapes and portraits

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Q: Who were the artists in the 1600-1800?
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