Who were titian's parents?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No one is quite sure but the best answer would be Marge and Homer Simpson

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Q: Who were titian's parents?
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Is titians and gods real?

yes, the gods and titians are real

What did the titians do for a living?

Titians are not real. They are made up for games and stories

Who are Zeus's rivals?

the titians

What is the titians Purpose in Hecules?

To be in the movie jfdskla;jf

Who stars in the movie remember the titians?

Denzel Washington

Did the NY Titians change their name to the NY Giants?

No, that was the Jets!!!

When will titians curse come out?

It came out a way long time ago.

Titians influence on other painters was largely a result of his use of?

color. -apex

Who is bows among the titians in gerontion?

Hakagawa bows amongst the Titans in Gerontion.

In what episode of Teen Titans is robin dressed white?

I think it was a movie. Titians in Tokyo

What was the original name of the New York Jets from 1960-1963?

The NY Titans.

Who is slade in teen titians?

Slade Wilson, a soldier (mercenary) who was tested on with ability enhancing drugs