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They were born in Holland.

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Q: Why are so many famous artists dutch?
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English artist and painter of horses and rural scenes?

John Constable was a pretty famous English artist who painted many rural landscapes, but I'm not so sure about the horses... Gainsborough was also a well known English artist who painted some landscapes, but most of his paintings are portraits... Stubbs was good at painting horses, but that's all he was really good at... really, there were not many English artists who stood out among the other European artists when it comes to both horses and landscapes.

Why do artists have many names?

That's because artists some times do work that they are not proud of for money, so they have aliases in order to not sully their own personal beliefs about art. Other times artists change their name just because the alias in itself, helps to communicate a message that the artist is trying to portray.

Why do many artists want their work to show value contrast?

Because "Value Contrast" shows different values in objects and with it, it is more interesting to look at the art works. So overall, artists will get more attention to their art pieces if their works show value contrast

Who was famous artist that draws shapes to make drawings?

Not so easy to understand your question. Could you be referring to the Dutch artist MC Escher 1898-1972. Click the link *Bird' to see an example! If this is who you mean you can click the link 'Escher' and see more of his work.

What was the purpose of sculptors placed outside Romanesque churches?

Many people living during the Middle Ages were not able to read, so the Church had artists place sculptures outside of the church the portrayed events that occurred in the Bible.

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What are the some famous artists in Canada?

There are so many famous artists like....Keagan RichardsonGabriel KrekkColette TheriaultNancy ConstablePatricia LeguenHugh G. Rice

How did Thomas hart benton get so famous?

Thomas Hart Benton became so famous by working for Joplin American Newspaper as a teenager and so many famous artists and painters saw his work.

Why is Judith Visser so famous?

judith visser is a popular dutch novelist

How many artists recorded you are so beautiful to me?


What did Picasso's parents do for a living?

make famous artists that made billions so they could live off the earnings :D

Who is the famous comedian with handlebar mustache?

Salvador Dali. There are a few famous artists who sported the handlebar mustache. The most famous artist to do so in recent times is probably Salvador Dali.

What did Pablo Picasso's parents do for a living?

make famous artists that made billions so they could live off the earnings :D

Where do you get the cheats?

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Did the Dutch allow people from Holland to settle in New Amsterdam?

yes. That is why there are so many dutch last names in New York.

What is a man called who draws and paint?

artist are an art learner person because if you think about it artists are adressed as famous so...

Did van Gogh drink absinth?

Yes, he did and so did many of his fellow artists.

Why was the famous people so famous?

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