Why did Titian paint mostly portraits?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He was supported by wealthy patrons.

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Q: Why did Titian paint mostly portraits?
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Why did titian paint mostly portriats?

he liked to paint about greek mythology and roman story's

In the middle ages what did they mostly paint about?

Religious subjects and portraits of important persons.

What did van gogh normally paint?

Mostly landscapes. Although if he could not leave the house to paint he would paint objects (such as The Sunflowers) or self portraits.

Compare and contrast the philosophies of Leonardo and Titian?

In their respective cities of Rome and Venice it was Leonardo and Titian who determined how art developed. Leonardo was quiet and reserved. Titian memorable portraits which captured the faces and characteristics of the most powerful people in Europe.

Where did Titian live and paint for most of his life?

cape town

Who painted Bacchus and ariane?

Titian was the first to paint realistic figures.

What kind of board did cherry hood use to paint her portrait?

Cherry Hood mostly in portraits used water colour and vanish oil on canvas

How did Picasso paint his portraits?

pablo picasson painted his portraits by picking a paint brush picking a colour getting some paper and painting :)

Did Rembrandt paint about sixty self portraits?

His self portraits are about 40 paintings and 31 etchings.

What did Georgia O'Keeffe not paint?

Portraits, history, mythology...

How many self-portraits did Rem rat paint?

If you mean Rembrandt, he painted or drew about 30 self-portraits.

What did the photograph replace?

The portraits made of paint, stone, etc.