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note: this is a personal thought

But i think it was important so that the artist's audience or viewer could relate to what emotions where being shown through the artwork.

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I do know

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what is it then

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Q: Why do you think it was so important for artists to create such realistic interpretations How do you think the role of the artist has changed if any?
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When did artists start signing paintings?

During the Renaissance. Before that, art was considered "by God". With the rise of Humanism, artists wanted to be recognized for their work. During this time artwork changed as well, and more paintings of the common man arose.

How did perception and status of the artist change in the Renaissance?

The new ideas and knowledge that came out of the Renaissance changed the way people looked at both art and artists. Medieval painting had presented life through symbolism while the Renaissance preferred realism. Renaissance artists developed portraiture and humanized their subjects. This new style of art was viewed as contributing to the overall attempt by intellectuals to improve the world through novel approaches to thought, and a revival of ideas from ancient Greek and Roman cultures. Because of this, artists were regarded very highly.

What role did humanism play in Italian High Renaissance art?

Before the Renaissance, most art was created anonymously to glorify God. Artists did not do self-portraits or sign their work, so they remained unknown. During the Renaissance, some artists even placed themselves in the work they created. They began to sign their works and create self-portraits. The content of the art changed from mostly religious figures to everyday figures, such as marines, wives, children, scholars, or musicians.

What is a reason the design of buildings changed?

Technology changed so designs changed.

Why has Art changed through history?

art began as an urge for people to express themselves and to pay homage to their kings and gods. this idea resonates throughout much of art history, however art progresses with the evolution of mankind. religion plays a very significant role in art, as well as humanist philosophy. as city centers grew, the demand for art also grew. as the market grew, artists became competitors and with the push of patrons, artists have sought to outdo one another, be it for the sake of wealth or national pride.

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Why did art begin to become less realistic?

Artists were influenced by the invention of the camera, because it gave them a cropped composition. It also showed the tonal effects of light and dark in much finer detail; making it easier for artists to capture the tone in their compositions.

What changed after the war started?

Spaceships became less realistic looking, as did the aliens.

What terrible thing happened in 1914 that began to make artists change their style?

Most artists changed their style due to what they witnessed in the First World War.

How has chauvet cave changed thinking about prehistoric art?

Art did not necessarily evolve in a linear progression from primitive to realistic

Why have interpretations of the First Amendment changed over time?

It shows an increasing willingness to restrict free speech during a time of war.(Apex)

WhAT issues is not affected by religious attitudes?

The actual text of the bible is not affected by religious attitudes. False interpretations abound, but the text contained in the book has not changed.

Why did many modern artists changed from realism to other types of expression?

In order to make interesting art.

Is AndrΓ© Derain considered fauvist?

He certainly is. But like many artists he changed his style after the fauvist period.

What is the purpose and benefits of agreeing realistic targets?

The purpose and benefits of agreeing on realistic targets is to explain the purpose and benefits of letting other people know work that is planned and what will need to be changed in order to hit the time frame.

Who are some music artists that changed history?

Im not guna lie to you but Biggie Smalls changed history. There is a movie being made about him called notorious. I got respect for him, RIP.

What major shift did art exsperiance due to the industrial Revolution?

Artists changed their focus from glorified portraits and scenes to working-class realities. Also one of the greatest artists of all time Joseph Mallord William Turner began to paint romantic landscapes with an industrial bent, heralding the advent of the impressionists.

Will NHL 13 be awesome?

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