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After the Black Plague, many people got more money. They wanted to show their wealthiness by having their house decorated beautifully. They asked painters and sculptors to do this.

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to be a lot famous and wealthy, because the Ranaisance art was as natural realistic.

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Q: Why do you think patrons commissioned artists?
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What was Sandro Botticelli's salary?

Artists of the time were paid by Patrons who commissioned art work. There were no salaries.

What is the relationship between artists and patrons during the Renaissance?

During the renaissance, patrons commissioned many different works of art for many different reasons, be it political propaganda or something similar. The relationship between patrons and artists was clear; the patrons held all the power, decided what was to be painted, in what style and by what date. However, as the renaissance moved through into later periods, artists gained more prestige and began to go against their patrons. Famous artists began to paint what they wanted, disregarding their patron's instructions. Overall, for most of the renaissance, patrons were well above artists in the relationship although this power balance shifted slightly later on.

Patrons like the Medicis also contributed greatly to advancements in art during the Renaissance period What did they do to encourage Renaissance art?

They commissioned works by the artists.

Why did Leonardo da Vinci choose to paint the second wife of an unimportant Florentine merchant?

Artists were commissioned by wealthy patrons to create art. The Florentine merchant commissioned da Vinci to paint a portrait of his wife.

How was Leonardo da Vinci influenced by the Bible?

No one today can really say. Artists during his time were commissioned by wealthy patrons to create art. The Pope and the Church were major patrons of Leonardo, and so we see Biblical themes in his work.

How did wealthy merchants and bankers help to promote the arts and learning?

patrons bought many goods, thus supporting the secular idea of the renaissance

What historical period was Art commissioned by wealthy patrons?


The Renaissance artists were supported by?


What do you call people who fund artists?


Who commissioned protestant artists?

The church

How were money and art related during the renaissance?

Artists depended on patrons and patrons needed money to sustain.

Why did artists enjoy a greater freedom in expressing. their ideas?

they were not dependent on wealthy patrons A+