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Beacuse he tasted nice?!

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Q: Why was Paul Klee famous for the Senecio?
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When was the head of a man by Paul Klee finished?

The one also called Senecio was painted in1922.

What was Paul Klee famous for?

suckingmy weiner

Was Paul Klee famous when he was alive?

Yes, he was.

What is paul klee's 3 most famous paintings?

Twittering Machine, Fish Magic, Landscape with Yellow Birds!

How did Paul Klee get famous?

By making interesting paintings and drawings.

Which German painter is famous for his blue horse?

paul klee

What is paul klee's middle name?

truth is suprsingly paul klee did not have a middle name he was never given one. (dsm)

Was Paul Klee's brother a criminal?

Paul Klee had no brother.

Which brother stabbed Paul Klee?

Paul Klee had no brother. Who started this rumor?

Why did Paul Klee's brother stab him?

Paul Klee had no brother.. Where does this rumor come from?

When did Paul Klee born?

Paul Klee was born December 18th, 1879.

What is Paul Klee's birthday?

Paul Klee was born on December 18, 1879.