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What were some of Philip II's accomplishments as king of Spain

He defended Roman Catholicism, he stimulated the arts, and he increased Spain's wealth

What had England's system of government become by the end of the 1600's

A constitutional monarchy

What was divine right and what concept did it support

It's the idea that monarchs are God's representatives on earth and are answerable only to God. It helped support the idea of absolute rule.

Describe the Thirty Years' War

It was a European conflict over religion and territory and for power among ruling families. Frances power increased by the end of the war and Germany was devastated because of it.

Describe the reign of Ivan the Terrible. What group suffered a loss of power

He was a czar of Russia who struggled with nobles called boyars because boyars wanted to control him. When his wife died, he accused boyers of poisoning her. He used secret police to hunt and kill boyars.

Describe Louis the XIV. What did he boast

He was an extravagant French king who built Versailles, controlled nobles, and lived a luxurious lifestyle. He boasted " I am the State" and also that he was the Sun King .

Describe the main reason for the civil wars fought in France.

Religious differences between Catholics and Protestants

Describe William and Mary

They were Protestant Rulers who were invited by some parliament members to overthrow the Catholic King James II

Describe the Glorious Revolution

It was a bloodless overthrow of the English king James II by be replacements William and Mary

Who was Maria Theresa

She was the heir to the Austrian throne, but got the throne only after Charles VI and others signed an agreement saying they would recognize her.

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