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cooking, farming, and being mades

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Q: 3 jobs a peasant man might have to do in the middle ages?
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What are facts about London in the Middle Ages?

There are quite a number of interesting facts about London in the Middle Ages. There were many immigrants to the old Roman town due to the increases raids by Vikings, school was only attended by kids from the rich families and poor people worked odd jobs to make ends meet.

Were the Middle Ages civilised?

Life was ok in the middle ages everyone did their fair share of work and all had houses to live in. They all had different jobs but it all added up and got paid for their work. Crime was different depending on what you had done and was fair but not that civilized. The entertainment was good and there was plenty to do even though only rich people were allowed to take part in games like jousting and archery. My opinion is that not everything was as great as it could have been for example having your hands cut off but overall I think the middle ages was quite civilized.

What did janitors do in medieval times?

The position of janitor seems to be of modern origin, as there are no records of them until after the Middle Ages ended. During the Middle Ages, there were a variety of people who did cleaning and upkeep in different places. For example, a manor would have been cleaned by maids, and upkeep would have been provided by carpenters and masons, who may have had other jobs when these skills were not needed. Similarly, cleaning and upkeep in a church or monastery would have been supervised by a person called the sacristan, with most work done by a person called a custos, though specialized work would have fallen, again, on the carpenter and the mason.

How long did peasants work in the middle ages?

Peasants and servants had to do many things in the medieval castle. Some of the jobs was to clean the floor, farming, cooking, washing the kings, queens, knights, and nobles clothes, and much, much more.also to What_work_did_peasants_doon the farm land

Whuch was not a common activity for women in the late middle Ages?

Some of the jobs not common for the women of middle ages:-priest-queen-knight/soldier-sailor/navigator-builder/engineer-artist/writer-entertainer-educator/scholar-black smith/metal workerSoldier

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What jobs were there in the middle ages?

there were jobs like mine cleaning and slavery work

What jobs did a barber do in the middle ages?

eat cheese

Middle ages jobs that country people did?

Mainly farming.

What jobs did the priest do in the middle ages?

"Parish priest" is a job.

What jobs did rich people do in the middle ages?

watch the servants as they worked and had jobs as knights,Barons and lords.

Were jobs in middle ages boring?

Not most of them. But they could be disgusting or hard work.

What kind of jobs did children do in the middle ages?

to grow up and mature and be adults

What were jobs of a knight in the middle ages?

to keep th eking/queen safe

What was the jobs of the lords in middle ages?

being in the reign of everyone and being the boss.

Jobs for peasents during the middles ages?

Peasents jods during the middle ages were sweeping streets and cleaning chimneys

What useful jobs did monasteries do in the middle ages?

a useful job that the monasteries did were they were a school and a hospital

What are the Dutch's jobs in middle ages?

They have farming nursing makin cloth and went huntig