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For entertainment, (recreation) that kings would do in the medieval times were to have big feasts, sing, eat, dance and sit down and let the court jesters entertain them.

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Q: A Kings recreation of Medieval Times?
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What was the roll of a king in medieval times?

The kings role in medieval times which is the greatest one of the kings roll is the leadership.

Where do the kings do there coronation in Medieval times?

they dont

Who were the people in charge in medieval times?

kings and queens

What did kings do in the medieval times for fun?

unfortunatly i don't no

What are kings in medieval times?

Leaders or rulers of countries. Monarchs today have far less power generally, than they did in medieval times.

Where they did they get there materials in medievals in Medieval Times?

In medieval times the lords and kings of the lands acquired there materials from merchants, trade ships and caravans.

What did Kings and Queens eat between meals in medieval times?


What services were paid as tax in medieval times?

Military service to feudal lords or kings during medieval period.

Where did kings live in medieval times?

In his castle , where he often held court or audiences.

What kind of kings and queens did Medieval Times have?

Kings & Queens were the Highest-ranking class in the Medieval Times. They weren't as rich as Nobles (sadly to say...) but they controled ALL the power over the land and lived in castles with serfs and servants.

Where the kings helpful to the serfs in the medieval times?

It varied. Some kings were kind people who tried to improve the lives of their subjects, and others were not.

What was a power the citizens held in the cities of medieval Europe?

The men that held power in towns in medieval times were the bishops, priests, kings, queens, and the landlords.