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It depends on the skill of the blacksmith. He/she can make multiple small items in a day, or they could spend days or weeks on a project.

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Q: Amount of goods a blacksmith makes in a day?
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How much money did a blacksmith get in the medieval times?

In his book Daily Life in Medieval Europe, Jeffrey Singman estimates the income of a hired tradesman, expressed in English money, to be between 3 and 9 pennies a day, based on skill of the craftsman, the type of work done, and the current economic conditions. A blacksmith would likely be toward the lower end of this spectrum.To give an example of purchasing power, a loaf of bread would have been 1/4 penny, a dozen eggs, a pound of cheese, or a gallon of ale would be a half penny. Shoes would have been 2 1/2 pennies, and a shirt 5 3/4 pennies.This is a generalization. A blacksmith in a small village might not have full time work as a smith, and would be farming as well, and may be taking some of his payments in barter. A master smith with apprentices and journeymen working in his shop would have more income due to his ability to produce more product. A journeyman might also receive a mid day meal as part of his pay, or a periodic grant such as a set of clothing once per year.

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How long was the typical work day in the 1800s?

for 7 hours a blacksmith works as i have seen it and asked from a blacksmith for my project

How many hours a day did a blacksmith work?

Monday to Saturday

How long did a colonial blacksmith work for?

they worked every single day except Sunday

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they work on things to make and make stuff out of metal.

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What was a colonial blacksmith's day like?

Highly skilled, well-trained blacksmiths were held in the highest esteem during Colonial times. Hundreds of blacksmiths supplied and repaired tools, equipment, household goods and weapons made of iron. Their craftsmanship aided a growing population and laid the foundation for commerce and expansion in a new country.

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