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The simple answer is that the medieval period is also called the Middle Ages.

There is some complexity, however. The period from the 5th through 10th centuries was called the Dark Ages, but the term Early Middle Ages is more common now. What used to be called the Middle Ages, a time from the 11th to 15th centuries, is now often counted as the High Middle Ages (1000 to 1300) and Late Middle Ages (1300 to some time in the 15th century).

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Middle Ages

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Q: By what other name is the medieval period also known?
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What was the medieval period better known as?

The medieval period is also known as the middle ages.

What is the middle ages called?

The 'middle ages' is also known as the 'medieval period'.

When was medieval music around?

In the middle ages (also know as the medieval period).....

Jonathan has just survived the Viking invasion of 787 CE During which period is he living?

This would be the Early Medieval Period, also known as the Dark Age

What toys did children from the medieval times?

Medieval children are known to have played with balls, dolls, and hoops. Probably other things were also common.

Who invented medieval art?

No one invented Medieval art. It is a term art historians have given to art created during the time period of roughly 400 to 1000 AD, also known as the Migration Period. Often the terms Middle Ages and Medieval are used interchangeably.

When were medieval swords made?

On Tuesdays through Thursdays, in months not ending in R. Seriously tho, the medieval period (also known as the Middle Ages) was between the 6th and 15th centuries.

What role merchant play in the growth of medieval European towns?

Merchants, by selling food and goods, attracted people to move to the towns. The Medieval period is also known as the Middle Ages.

What were the medieval times known for?

The medieval period was most known for the 'knights in shining armour' , the'princesses in distress' and so on. many games were based in this period too. They were also called the 'dark ages' since many book and miterature were lost and destryed following the fall of the roman empire.

When did the dark ages occur?

The Dark Ages occurred from 614 to 911. It is also most known as the Early Middles Ages or the Medieval Period.

When did dark age occur?

The Dark Ages occurred from 614 to 911. It is also most known as the Early Middles Ages or the Medieval Period.

Who are the economist of medieval period?

There are several economists of the medieval period. These include Plato, Aristotle, and Cicero. It also includes Vergil as well as Varro.

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