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The manor house was the home of the lord of the manor. In theory, he could choose any house he wanted to be his manor, but in practice, he always had the largest and most comfortable.

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Q: Can any house be a manor?
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Did a lord of a medieval manor live in a manor house?

The manor house was the house for the lord of the manor. Usually the lord lived in a manor house, but lords often had more than one manor, and some lords had many. The result was that sometimes the only people who lived in the manor house were the household servants. If the lord was not living in the manor house, it was usually kept ready for him to stay in if he showed up. There were many cases of manors being rented out, and in such a case, the person who rented it lived in the manor house. This normally happened only if the lord of the manor was short of money.

What was the medieval knights house like?

Knights were nobles so they lived as nobles. They had manors, estates, or castles. --- Kinghts lived in manor houses. A simple manor house could be a large house on an estate. An expensive manor house could be almost palatial. There were fortified manor houses that looked very much like castles.

What duties in the castle did a lady of the manor do?

They basically ran the manor. They were responsible for keeping the manor in order.They would run every manor like giving a hummingbird a double shot of expresso.

What does the Monkswell Manor mean?

Monkswell Manor is the name of the Guest House during the Play "Three Blind Mice", an Agatha Christie horror book.

What is bigger mansion or manor?

They are more or less the same thing. Mansion, manor, and manse all derive from the Latin mansus, which means dwelling.A mansion is a fancy house. A manor is the house where a lord (peer) lived (also fancy, one presumes), and a manse is is a house inhabited by, or formerly inhabited by, a minister, usually of a Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist or United Church.

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What did peasant children do in the manor house?

The manor house was the home of the lord of the manor. Peasant children did not get much opportunity to go into the manor house.

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What is a fortified manor house?

A manor house is the home of a lord of a manor. A fortified manor house is such a house with provision for defence. To the modern eye, fortified manor houses look very much like castles. Many of them had moats, turrets, windows for archers, and so on. The answer with the link below has a little more information, and a picture of a fortified manor house.