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There were many parallels between tourism in the ancient world and our world. Some of them are quite familiar to us. The Romans had travel agents and tour planners the same as we have. The popular Roman tour sites were closely related to the sites we visit today. For example, Greece and a tour of temples and old cities was high on their list of favorites, just as today. (Remember though, that the temples and some cities were still in use in Roman times and not in ruins like today) Egypt was perhaps number one on their "must see" list, just as Egypt is a very popular tourist attraction today. The Romans loved looking at the Egyptian ruins and even leaving graffiti to prove that they had been there. They also had to put up with narrow rutted roads and if they were traveling without a guide, getting lost. This sometimes happens today. And that old problem of seasickness plagued the Romans just as it bothers some of us today.

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Q: Describe the paralles that exist between tourism in roman times and that of today?
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