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He had a daughter named Albine with Marie Scheuchl. Marie was a household maid but Berg and her never married.

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Q: Did Alban Berg have any children?
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What is Alban Berg's birthday?

Alban Berg was born on February 9, 1885.

When was Alban Berg Quartet created?

Alban Berg Quartet was created in 1971.

When did Alban Berg die?

Alban Berg died on December 24, 1935 at the age of 50.

What contributions did alban berg bring to music?

ontributions did alban berg gave to music?c

How old was Alban Berg at death?

Alban Berg died on December 24, 1935 at the age of 50.

Is alban berg Jewish?

No, he was Catholic

How old is Alban Berg?

Alban Berg was born on February 9, 1885 and died on December 24, 1935. Alban Berg would have been 50 years old at the time of death or 130 years old today.

What has the author Alban Berg written?

Alban Berg has written: 'Violin concerto =' 'Alban Berg' 'Lyric Suite, String Quartet' 'Alban Berg, letters to his wife' -- subject(s): Composers, Correspondence 'The Berg-Schoenberg correspondence' -- subject(s): Biography, Composers, Correspondence, History and criticism, Music '7 [i. e. Sieben] fruhe Lieder, 1907' -- subject(s): Songs (High voice) with orchestra, Vocal scores with piano 'Pelleas und Melisande' 'Alban Berg autograph card to Hans Pless' -- subject(s): Correspondence, Composers

What type of music does Alban Berg play?

Alban Berg was one of the forerunners of the 20th century musical style, which was characterised by dissonant harmonies and rhythmic changes.

How did alban berg die?

Alban Berg died Vienna, on Christmas Eve 1935, from blood poisoning. It was said to have been caused by an insect-sting induced boil.

Who was the Austrian composer who wrote Wozzeck?

Alban Berg (1885-1935).

What is the voice type of Wozzeck in the opera Wozzeck by Alban Berg?

Wozzeck is a baritone.