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Roman men considered that they had sworn an oath if they held their testicles in their hands while swearing. This included the oath to tell the truth before giving testimony in court. Only real men, in swearing on their potency, were expected to tell the truth. The evidence of women and eunuchs was not believed under the law because they could not be fully trusted. The truth could not be expected or known by those who did not possess testicles. Roman culture was phallocentric. Possession of the truth was more assured if one had testicles. Access to logic and command of knowledge was favoured if one had a phallus and, with it, testicles.

It has been suggested that the words testimony and testify originate from testicles. However, they come from test, which means witness, the one who stands by.

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Q: Did a man swear on his testicles in ancient roman courts?
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In ancient Rome what did a man swear on to testify?

Seriously I am not making this up but in ancient rome when a man would testify in court he would swear on his testicles. I don't know why but I know that's what they used to do.

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No - bullocks are male oxen or cattle.BOLLOCKS is the British slang term for your testicles.

When a man testified in court in ancient rome what did he swear on instead of a bible?

Swearing on a Bible is a quite modern concept. A Roman man (women could not go to court except in very special circumstances) placed his right hand on his testicles, while swearing by the gods he believed in, and affirmed he would tell the truth; hence the term 'testimony'.

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No you don't.In many courts, the UK included, it is normal to swear an oath on the bible or otherwise swear a declaration.For religious reasons, an atheist can make a promise and does not need to use a bible at all.Also, for religious reasons, some Christians refuse to swear an oath because the bible instructs not to swear and they are able to make a promise before God.For others with religious beliefs that are non Christian, courts have forms of promise that are acceptable to them.All countries and all courts have their own rules and guidelines.

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Because, they are trying to assure you that what they're saying is really true. Example: "I didn't do it, it was Ronny, I swear" Perhaps it comes from the courts where people swear an oath that they are telling the truth. Swear originally meant to promise the truth, not to cuss.

How do Muslims swear to testify in court?

They swear to tell the truth and only the truth. In the Islamic courts Muslims prefer to swear on the Qur'an because they are aware that there is no greater a judge than Allah Almighty Himself Who is forever watching over us and we are solely and entirely answerable to Him.

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The origin of profanity is lost in the mists of ancient pre-history.

Is it compulsory in Australia to swear on the Bible in court?

A:No. Those who do not wish to swear an oath can make an affirmation, without giving a reason for that decision. Courts are tending to dispense with Bibles, and in these cases those who wish to swear a religious oath need only make the appropriate reference to God.

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