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Did certain pieces of clothing pertain to certain occupations?

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Q: Did certain pieces of clothing pertain to certain occupations?
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How did tire get its name?

late 15th cent. (denoting the curved pieces of iron plate with which carriage wheels were formerly shod): perhaps a shortening of attire (because the tire was the "clothing" of the wheel).

What is the literary pieces that was the first to detail the greek pantheon?


How do you play the roman boared game twelve lines?

The name od the game was Duodecim Scripta, which means "Twelve Lines." The board had 24 cases on 2 rows of 12 cases each. Two players sat across from each other and placed their 15 black or white pieces (presumably stacked) on the first square on their side of the board. They each tossed a set of three dice from a cup and moved their pieces according to the value of the throw. The pieces were like the lathed bone roundels. The pieces were distinguishable by the fact that they were often inscribed on the back with the owner's name or initials. The colours were bone-white, blue or black. Some red or yellow pieces have been found. The object was to get all your pieces across the board to the final square. If you landed on a square that had the opponent's piece on it, that piece would return square one.

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Mosaics Were mainly Used For Decoration. They Originated In Rome Where People Would use Pieces Of Broken Tile Or Glass Too Make A Picture.Mosaics are pictures or patterns produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass.

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In the middle ages did certain pieces of clothing pertain to certain occupations?

To some extent. The leather apron was worn by men who worked in jobs like blacksmithing and of course the monk wore his robes.

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An ascot.

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there was lots of stuff and there is no pacific piece of clothing

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Bra Intimates do not exist in their own right - bras are intimate pieces of clothing, so all bras are "intimates". There are also certain brands that have named a range of bras "Intimate".

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They could use them as Clothing pieces or decoration