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There were a number of plagues during the Middle Ages. The one you are asking about is most likely the Black Death, which arrived in Europe in 1347 and went on for five years or so. The Black Death was one of the most important events of the Middle Ages and had a profound effect on society. Another important medieval plagues was the Plague of Justinian, in the 6th century.

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Black death or other name for that would be Bubonic Plague

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Q: Did the plague happen during the middle ages?
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What was the bubonic plague called in the middle ages?

The bubonic plague was called the Great Pestilence, Great Plague, or Great Mortality during the Middle Ages. Somewhat later it was called the Black Death. There is a link below.

What were Consquences of Plague during the middle ages?

3/4 of Europe died.

Grat plague of London?

Black death happend during middle ages

How did The black Plague relate to the Monks during the middle ages?

right it was bull

What was it like without the black death?

Since the middle ages where preoccupied with the plague, we have no way to know how the Middle Ages would have been without the plague.

What were the three types of plague that could be found in Europe during the middle ages?

The three types of plague are: bubonic, septicemic, and pneumonic.

Was the black death during the Renaissance?

The Black Death was an outbreak of bubonic plague that happened in 1347 to 1352. This was a time that was before the end of the Middle Ages, but the Middle Ages and the Renaissance overlap to some extent, and many historians would put this after the Renaissance began. Also, the bubonic plague, or Black Death, returned many times after the Middle Ages, including during the Renaissance.

What happen to females during the middle ages sicknesses?

they would get sick

What has the same fatality rate as the Black Plague during the Middle Ages?

During the middle ages the death total was calculated in 20 million but The black death brought 200 million deaths in the last 4 thousands years.

What had to happen in order for the towns to develop during the middle ages?

Fuedalism had to end

What was the most common disease in the middle ages?

black plague

Did the black death happen in the high middle ages?

If when you talk about the high Middle Ages you mean towards the end then yes because the Black Death (Bubonic Plague) brought the people to notice that they need cleaner environments. Which Lead to the Renaissances.