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The advantages in the decimal number system are that the mathematical terminology and concept use is identical to the base that is used for counting everyday numbers. 10, 100, 1,000 and so on. for example When measuring feet and inches You end up working a system that starts of with a base of fractions of an inch, then works its way up to a base 12 to make feet which in turn go back down to a base 3 to make yards, if there is a choice that lends itself to acuracy and efficiency the obvious way to go is the metric system as every thing is simply an addition of the smallest unit. The same principles apply to weights and volume which all work to in units with varying basses. the only reason one would wish to keep these archaic systems is because of the expense in the change over and stubborn fear of change. I came to Australia many years ago from The Netherlands where every thing has worked by decimals for as long as I could remember including money. When I got here I was faced with a system that consisted of what was known as Pounds/shillings/pence and just to make it more interesting the Guinea which was one pound/1shiling. to make a pound you need 20 shillings to make a shilling you need 12 Penney's, and to make it more interesting there were half and quarter pennys as well. So to do transactions you ended up with situations like this An article costs 1pound 13 shillings and 6and a half Penney's, this was written as 1/13/6 ½ What we did in Australia when we changed to decimal currency was to change 10 shillings to a dollar and the dollar has 100 cents. and one shilling to 10 cents. and 6 pence to 5 cents and so on. under this system the amount above would be $3.35 the half Penny rounded down during the change. consider adding long rows of the old system compare to the decimal system and you will see the reasoning for changing it.

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Q: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages in using the Decimal number system?
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