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had more free time and more money to spend .

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Q: During the 1920 , people in the middle class?
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Who were 5 specific groups affected by industrialization from 1865 to 1920?

Five groups affected by industrialization between the years 1856-1920 include:Native AmericansMiddle and Lower Class WorkersFarmersImmigrantsThe "new" middle class

What were race relations like during the 1920?

it was races people in the 1920's

What television shows were in the 1920's?

There were no television shows during the 1920's. In the 1930s and 1940s only the rich (and later the upper-middle class) could afford a TV set where a set with a 17 inch screen cost $189 (which is over $3100 in today's money).

The economy grew in the 1920's as consumers?

During the 1920s consumers which are the people buying, started to get more jobs. Real GNP growth during the 1920s was fast, 4.2 percent a year from 1920 to 1929. Real GNP per capita grew 2.7 percent per year between 1920 and 1929. And that caused consumers to buy more items. For Example: Ford's Model T.

What was the cost of a stamp in 1920?

Four cents for a one ounce First Class letter.

Why were people less serious during the 1920's?

That's when they came out with new stuff and credit.

What happened to labor unions during the 1920?

They lost power as people made more money.

What happen to labor unions during 1920?

They lost power as people made more money.

Where did most Caribbean people migrate to during 1838 1920?

They migrate to jamaica for better living

Why did people enter dance marathons in the 1920's?

During the Great Depression, people needed something to entertain themselves.

Why did stock prices rise in the 1920's?

During the 1920's, people received more income. So, they spent more and stock prices began to rise.

What people of many nations put their hopes in during the 1920's?

People of many nations put their hopes into the League of Nations.