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Pop star Marc Bolan was killed in a car crash in south-west London. The 29-year-old former T-Rex singer was killed instantly when the car being driven by his girlfriend, Gloria Jones, left the road and hit a tree in Barnes.

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Barnes, S W London

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Q: How did Marc bolan die?
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Where in England did Marc bolan die?

Barnes Common

What car did Marc bolan die in?

died in a mini

What School did Marc Bolan attend?

What schools did marc bolan go to

What is Marc Bolan's birthday?

Marc Bolan was born on September 30, 1947.

What is Marc Bolan's father's name?

Marc Bolan's father was named Simeon Feld.

What is the birth name of Marc Bolan?

Marc Bolan's birth name is Feld, Mark.

What is Marc Bolan's real name?

Marc Bolan's real name was Mark Feld .

When did the musician Marc Bolan die?

The musician Marc Bolan died on September 16th, 1977. Marc Bolan was well known for being an English singer-songwriter, poet, and guitarist. Mark Bolan was the frontman for the glam rock group T-rex.

How long has Marc Bolan been dead?

Marc Bolan has been dead since 16 September 1977 .

When was Desdemona - Marc Bolan song - created?

Desdemona - Marc Bolan song - was created on 1967-05-24.

Was Marc bolan one of the archies?


Is Karen Karen barrett MySpace related to Marc bolan from t rex?

no marc bolan is not related to karen Karen barrett myspace