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The Romans were tolerant of the religions of conquered peoples. They generally found similarities between the beliefs of the conquered and their own beliefs and incorporated the foreign gods into their own pantheon. The only gods that they abhorred were the Egyptian gods depicted with animal heads.

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For the most part they tolerated them and even worshiped them. They found ways to integrate the foreign gods with their own.

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Q: How did Romans react to the religions of the people they conquered early in their history?
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Territories they often allowed conquered people to?

When the Romans conquered territories, they often allowed conquered people to __________.

How did Romans feel about people who followed religions other than the Roman religion?

King Louis was from Rome and all the Romans were tolerant of other religions as long as their followers were respectful of the Roman religion.

How did the romans treat other religions?

The Romans were very tolerant of other religions. The toleration and in some cases incorporation of foreign gods and beliefs, was part of the reasons for Rome's success. The only time they were intolerant of a belief was if they considered the religion decadent or treasonous. Then they came down hard of them.

Did the Romans tolerate people in conquered landsfollowing their own religion?

The Jews did not like many other civilisations in Ancient times. Israel had been conquered many times by different civilisations: the Egyptians, The Romans, The Greeks, The Persians, The Turks. You can see why they didn't like many civilisations as would many people who havebeen invaded that many times

How the Romans were not afraid from their neighbors and their and the people they conquered?

The Roman were tolerant of the culture of the conquered peoples. The allowed them to follow their religions and customs and to use their laws at the local level. Many of these peoples benefited from becoming part of the great trading network of the empire. The emperors promoted an imperial ideology to promote integration and a sense of commonality in the empire. In some areas the Romans protected the frontiers of some peoples and ensured law and order. The presence of armies and the establishment of Roman settlements around the empire led to the Latinisation of many of these peoples. Over time people became used to being in the empire. In some cases the Romans had to pacify the conquered area. This means taking counterinsurgency action until resistance ended. The Romans were very ruthless in suppressing rebellions.

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Which mysterious people conquered the Romans?

The mysterious people who conquered the Romans were the Etruscans.

Ancient people who conquered the Romans?

The ancient people who conquered the early Romans were the Etruscans.

What statement describes Rome's attitude towards people of different religions in the empire?

Ancient Romans let people to keep their own religions when they conquered new lands. That made the conquered people easier to adapt to the Roman culture. Romans built temples for their own gods in the provinces, but they let people to worship their original gods as well. Only after Christianity became the state religion, they started to keep other religions pagan and finally forbid them. Christianity was more intolerant than other religions before it.

Territories they often allowed conquered people to?

When the Romans conquered territories, they often allowed conquered people to __________.

How did the Romans get the people to become Romans?

They conquered them. Basically, it was by force.

From what people did Romans adopt some gods?

Sometimes they started worshiping the gods and goddesses of people they conquered--they took on the Greek religion, Christianity, Egyptian and Persian religions.

What did the Romans learn about gaining loyalty of conquered people?

The Romans learned early on that gaining the loyalty of conquered people is important. If not, these people are sure to rebel.

How did the Romans feel about the people who followed other religions?

The Romans tolerated other religions as long as they were not what the Romans considered decadent or treasonous.

Why did the Romans allow the people they conquered to keep their religious beliefs?

The early Romans were polytheistic, and polytheism is naturally tolerant of other religions. In return, the Romans expected the conquered peoples to worship the Roman gods, but made an exception for Jews because of its perceived antiquity and the recognition that a monotheistic religion must forbid worship of other gods.

How did the Romans feel about people who fallowed other religions other then roman religion?

The Romans respected other religions.

How did Romans feel about people who followed religion other than theirs?

According to the legends .... they say that YOU NEED TO DO YOUR WORK AND STOP GOING TO ASK FOR THE ANSWERS !! :)

What names of the tribes of the people the Romans conquered?