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the Romans established an empensley powerful empire by painting themselves various colours and running around with hoolahoops and squash in their hands; while on their bodies they wore intracatletly designed little mermaid or cinderella costumes. This all contributed the powerful empire of the Romans.

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Q: How did Rome build such a powerful empire?
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Was alexandria a powerful empire at the same time as Gaul and rome?

Gaul wasn't a powerful empire.

Where did Rome begin to build its empire?


Why is Rome considered the most powerful empire to exist?

Some people think that the Roman Empire was the most powerful empire in history. However, this is not the view of historians. More powerful empires have existed. Probably the most powerful empire in history was the British colonial empire.

Who won Persia or Rome?

The Persian empire was gone before the Roman empire became powerful.

What did Rome build to link every part of its empire?


Where did Rome build its Empire?

the Romans invaded England in 43 AD.

How did the Aztec and Inca build their powerful empire?

Aztec is trip Lhang

How did the abbasids build the powerful empire?

Through trade increased wealth and the Abbasid's build a standing army.

What major factor allowing rome to build a powerful empire?

The major factor was the strength of the Roman army, the ability of the Roman state to organise various armies and to deploy then on several fronts at the same time.

How did the roman army help build an empire?

Helped py destroying the rebellions in Rome

What did Rome do?

Not much, just conquer most of Europe, build the greatest empire ever seen, build the second largest empire ever seen, build the longest empire ever seen, have a large navy and army, conquer parts of europe, asia and Africa. Create a legacy that lasted over 2000 years, inspire other empires to relate to Rome, e.g. Eagles with Napolean, Holy Roman Empire(which didn't continue the empire) and kill a lot of people. Rome also built the colosseum which still survives today.

When did the aztec's build a powerful empire in Mexico?

March 13, 1325 - August 13, 1521.