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The beginnings of Feudalism are obscure. Powerful men with powerful armies eventually gained control of the lands in early Europe. Feudalism was grounded on a simple principle: the land is the state and therefore the head of state (the king) owns the land. All the variations of Feudalism flowed from that principle. The king granted estates to the nobility in return for service. The nobility then became the local rulers and established their own hierarchy's. Therefore, the country was governed by those lords, and Kings eventually became figureheads. The nobility granted land rights and protection to vassals in return for service. Those rights descended to serfs and tenants in return for services and villages evolved around the estates. As rights descended there was a diminution of status. To work the land, keep the masses poor and the gentry rich

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Feudalism evolved in response to a basic need for protection.

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Q: How did feudalism evolve?
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Did communism evolve from feudalism?

Marxist theory holds that communism evolves, inevitably, from capitalism.

What system of government was based on the exchange of the land for protection and service?


What are the characteristic of feudalism?

what is feudalism

When did Feudalism appear in its complete form?

Feudalism appeared in its complete form in Europe around the 9th and 10th centuries. During this time, feudal relationships became fully established, with the king or monarch at the top of the social hierarchy and the nobles, clergy, and peasants below, each owing economic and military obligations to those above them. Feudalism continued to evolve and exist in different forms throughout the Middle Ages.

Did feudalism evolve in response to invasions by vikings Muslims and Magyars?

The answerer hinges on the term evolve - whether it is meant as the driving force for the establishment of feudalism or the changes that the presence of external enemies required feudalism to change into a monarch .Feudalism initially provided structure when larger social structures disappeared and local, non-centralized, authority was required.. As an example when the Roman Empire pulled out of Britain. The system allowed the development of an economy with workers and leaders with a strong defensive capacity for both external and internal (policing activities.Under the pressures of competition between competing feudal outposts and the need for unified battle strategies the feudal system eventually gave way to monarchies.

Who created feudalism?

The Franks created feudalism

A political and military system based on the holding of land?

Feudalism Every sovereign state

Where did feudalism emerge?

Feudalism first emerged among the franks

Is feudalism still big today?

No it is not. Feudalism was a medieval system.

What part of speech is feudalism?

Feudalism is a noun.

Who propounded feudalism?

The germanic tribe, the Slavs, introduced Feudalism.

'What was the social structure in the 1300s - medieval Europe'?

it was based on feudalism... there is a feudalism pyramid if you go on google images and type in feudalism pyramid