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Way back then in the Middle Ages, they didn't have cars, trains, buses, airplanes etc. so they traveled on horses. They also traveled on ships.

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They travelled by foot, horse, or boat.

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Q: How did people travel in the middle ages?
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Did a women travel in Middle Ages?

Some did, many did not.

Did the middle ages people have anything other to travel with except for walking and riding horses?


How did Arabs travel in deserts in the middle ages?

By Camels

What is the difference between the Renaissance and middle ages?

the difference between the renaissance and the middle ages is that the middle ages was a time of survival and religious belives. During the middle ages people still believed in god. Also, there were many raids, and travel was not safe. People focused on getting enough food and survivng in the harsh way of life. The middle ages is known as the dark ages because of how harsh people lived. On the other hand the renaissance was of time of rebith, invention, and bring back the classic ways of the Greek and Roman ideas. People lived in luxury and enjoyed life unlike the people of the medival era, otherwise known as the middle ages.

How was goods moved in the middle ages?

they were moved by ship and travel

How did villagers travel in the middle ages?


Did people have dogs in the middle ages?

well we are middle ages people! so how do we live with our animals?

Did lady's in medieval times travel far?

No. Travel was hard and most people didn't go beyond 5 miles from home. Edit: Actually, people in the Middle Ages did travel. Pilgrimage was difficult, but reasonably common.

What kind of work were most people doing in the middle ages?

During the Middle Ages, most people were farmers.

What is the Importance of Christianity in the Middle Ages?

People liked pudding and pickles in the middle ages

Did anything change in the late Middle Ages when people began to travel?

People didn't travel in the middle ages. It was hard, expensive, and dangerous. To go 30 miles would take days. It isn't until the 1400's ( the middle ages are over then) when explorers began to explore the world. When exploring did start a lot changed. How people viewed the world changed, the foods they ate changed, new ideas began to form, and a whole new world opened.

What systems aided European travel and communication middle ages?

There was no "system" for either travel or communication in the middle ages. Most people never went beyond 5 miles from home in their life. It was hard to travel, dangerous, and took a long time. Communication was talking to each other. People couldn't read nor write and there was no mail system, so if someone had to tell another person something they had to do it in person. One reason we have testimony in the courts today is because in the middle ages people had to tell about the problem and what was wrong to the Lord of their manor/estate.