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Roman architecture has brought

* bridges * The arch

* Columns * concrete Without these things, where would our architecture be today?

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The use of columns and of an entablature and pediment originates from Greco-Roman architecture. The entablature is a block of stone (architrave) placed horizontally on top of the columns and can include a wide decorative panel called frieze and a cornice, which is another decorative element which forms the top of the entablature and protrudes from the rest. The pediment is the triangular space above the entablature which supports a sloped roof. This is the structure of the extension at the centre of the front of the White House. At the back of the White House, the semi-circular extension (the South Portico) is supported by columns and its shape is that of the exedra of Greco-Roman architecture.

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Q: How did roman architecture influence the structure of the White House?
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The pillars, domes, and arches of Rome can be found in many famous modern buildings, including the White House and the Capitol Building.

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