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Q: How did the Byzantine preserved Greco-Roman culture?
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What were the Byzantine contributions to Western European Civilization?

The Crusades were a profoundly impactful event from the Byzantine/Islamic World on Western Europe. In addition, Islamic Empires controlled parts of Iberia (Spain and Portugal) from 711 C.E. to 1492 C.E. These interactions between Eastern Culture and Western Culture were responsible for the massive shift in Europe back to Classical Culture in the Renaissance.

What three groups helped preserve Greek and roman culture during the middle ages?

No one preserved these cultures. They were rediscovered in the Renaissance.

What do historians call the eastern roman empire?

Not sure what you mean by "new." Historically, it would be Byzantium. The Byzantine or Eastern Roman Empire began with the Roman Emperor Constantine I in the 4th Century CE; as Western Europe was collapsing into the Dark Ages, he moved the (his new) Roman capitol to the location of Byzantium in Turkey; to become the great city of Constantinople (known today as Istanbul). It continued on as the premier power center of civilization & culture of the Eastern Mediterranean for about a 1000 years, until it was conquered by the Ottomans...

Justinian was the ruler of the Byzantine Empire from 527 A.D. until 565 A.D. He contributed to the field of law by creating the Justinian Code. The Justinian Code was significant because?

it preserved Roman laws and influenced legal systems of the Middle Ages.

What part of the Roman empire survived after the fall of the city of Rome?

culture of the eastern roman empire survived the fall of by still being used by the byzantine empire (but i cannot give specific culture dtails)

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What cultures were preserved by the byzantine empire?

The Byzantine Empire preserved the cultural heritage of the two place Greece and Rome.

Where did the scholars take the ancient manuscripts and knowledge of the Byzantine culture?

Much was preserved by the Islamic medieval Islamic scholars.

What organization preserved most of the Roman legacy?

The Christian Church preserved much of the Roman legacy. The Byzantines preserved both Roman law as well as Greek culture. The Byzantine Empire was known as the "Shield of Europe", and protected Europe from barbaric invasion, as well as from the destruction of culture.

When was Museum of Byzantine Culture created?

Museum of Byzantine Culture was created in 1993.

Describe the legacy of byzantine civilization?

The teachings and practices of Orthodox Christianity were codified during the time of the Byzantine Empire. Greek-speaking teachers from the Byzantine Empire who traveled to Italy influenced the Italian Renaissance.

What is the group of byzantine laws that preserved Roman law?

Justinian code :)

How did Byzantine empire preserved the political and cultural heritage of Rome?


How was culture revived during Justinians region?

Justinian the Great was a Byzantine emperor. He wanted to revive the culture and power of the Byzantine Empire.

With the fall of Rome the influence of what culture faded?

When the Roman Empire fell, the influence of Greek culture or Hellenism faded as well. The Romans had admired and supported Greek classicism and expressed it in their art, literature and architecture. After the empire's collapse, Greek Culture was preserved and kept safe for the future by the Byzantine Empire.

Where did the Byzantine empire culture come from?


Byzantium culture is a combination of?

The Byzantine culture could be considered a combination of Greek and Roman culture.

Any culture of Asia that is preserved?