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Q: How did the breakdown of central authority in Europe lead to the?
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How did the breakdown of the central authority of Europe lead to the development of feudalism?


H ow did the Germanic invasions lead to Feudalism and Ruralization in Europe?

the germanic invasions led to feudalism by breaking down central authority. (if anyone has more info on central authority.. post it!)

What is the threat of something that may overthrow the authority in a nation?

The threat of something overthrowing authority in a nation is a potential revolution or uprising that could lead to the destabilization of government structures and the breakdown of law and order. This could result in social unrest, violence, and political instability.

How long can you have parkinsons for?

Parkinsons is a disease that causes a breakdown of the central nervous system. As with many diseases there is no set time an individual can live for after being diagnosed, but will eventually lead to being unable to care for one's self.

What is the breakdown of uranium 238 into lead is an example of a radioisotope's?

It is an example of radioactive decay.

What is headship?

Leadership, a position of authority with a duty to lead.

Where has Ebola spread to around the world?

The disease was almost equally devastating to India and Central Asia (before Europe) and then Russia (after Europe). I mean devastation in relativity as to the death toll. The black plague (also known as black death) wiped out over 50% percent of Europe's population, this caused a major infrastructure breakdown in the already bleak Europe. However the devastation of the disease did prompt people to turn to science on how to stop it, which eventually lead to the thought "Hey, we can use our minds to solve our problems in a completely logical way". This trend of thought lead the world into the Renaissance. Which of course was a vital expansion and progression in mankind's knowledge.

What is an intern training program that provides a specific breakdown of objectives and training that will lead to an occupation?


How did the Reformation lead to the growth of feudalism?

The Reformation did not lead to the growth of feudalism; in fact, it occurred during the decline of the feudal system. The Reformation was a religious movement in the 16th century that challenged the authority of the Catholic Church and led to significant social and political changes in Europe, but it did not directly impact the feudal system.

Why is central Asia dry?

Monsoons lead to long periods of drought in central Asia

What does priest mean?

a person who has the authority to lead or preform religious ceremonies

Which places did Alexander the Great NOT lead his army?

All the world except North Africa, the Middle East ad Central Asia.