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there is a lord solders and priest

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Lords divided their lands into manors,that were farmed by serfs. Serfs were landless peasants werent allowed to leave thw manor. In return for the serfs work,the lord promised to protect them.

Sources: Creating America book and My Great Brain ;)

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there is a lord solders and priest

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Q: How did the manor system work during the Middle ages?
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What system of government was set up during the middle ages?

the manor system

Did the plague cause the manor system to fall apart in the middle ages?

yes, it did cause the manor system

How did the manor system of the middle ages work?

very carefully

How was life different from a town in the middle ages from life on a manor?

life was different in middle ages since it was the middles ages and in manor well, it was the manor!

Who baked in the Middle Ages?

During the Middle Ages, only monasteries and manor houses baked large quantities of leavened products

The Middle Ages in Western Europe was characterized by what?

the manor system and the importance of land ownership

What factors made the manor the center of the European economy during the middle ages?

I think the factors that made the manor the center of the European economy during the Middle Ages were a weak central government and feudalism because the knight that protected the lords got land around the lord's house which created the manor.

What conditions during the middle ages made manor living necessary?

MAKE ABOUT 1,000,00 Euroes a year

What was a manor house in middle ages?

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What is the center of social and religious life in the middle ages?

ChurchThe centres of Medieval life were the castle or manor of the lord and the church.

How can you use the word lord in a sentence?

The term, Lord of the Manor, originated in the feudalism during the Medieval era of the Middle Ages.

How did the lower class contribute to politics during the Middle Ages?

They farmed land for the lords on a manor and in return they got protection