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It was one of the few places that offered education to people. It also guarenteed people at least two full meals a day.They also provided medicine to the ill and old (It normally didn't help them and sometimes made them worse.) They also provided other services like telling people the time by ringing the church bell to tell them the time.

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the medieval church gave help by giving people shelter from abusive families and giving them something to look forward to not just waiting fr something to happen to work for god to get to heaven

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it gave them something to believe in

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Q: How did the medieval church give hope to people?
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What was a medieval villein?

A VilleinA villein in the medieval times was a step up from slavery, had to do hardworking chores and didn't get paid much.I hope this helps you!

Why did people in medieval China want government jobs?

People wanted government jobs because song emperors and scholars believed that officials who studied Confucius would be rational, moral, and able to maintain order. Hope this helps!

What is medieval system?

If you are meaning the Feudal System, it is a system that William the Conqueror invented after he became king at the battle of Hastings. It helped him solve most of his problems as king because for the things that he needed, he would give land in return for.The king gave the barons land for trust and so that he wouldn't make enemys of all the people.The barons gave the knights some of their land so that the knights would each work 40 days a year in the kings army.The knights gave the peasents some of their land so that the peasents would give the king crops and food.i hope you get it now but if this is not the answer you are looking for im sorry i don't no what the medieval system is but the feudal system is what they used in medieval times =]

What is a Medieval person called who travels to visit a special holy place?

A person who journeys to a holy place is called a pilgrim in English, a Yatri in Hindi and a Haji in Arabic.

What did medieval squires eat?

Usually they ate bread and cheese, and usually drank water. Their diet was very plain and not substantial. Hope I helped :)

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How did the church give people spiritual hope?

Bob the Builder gave them hope:)

What kind of hope did the church give to the people in the middle ages?

it gave them hope that there was something to live for. Also they felt that they needed to be connected with god. Another reason is that the church said that if you didn't join you would go straight to hell.

Did the ladies during medieval times go to church?

Yes they did because it gave them hope through difficult,dark, and murky times.

What did the church do in the middle ages?

They had power over people, gave people hope and helped them

How did medieval people kill witches?

cut off their headsthere were a number of ways people killed witches in the medieval are 3...They would burn them alive on stakestie them to a chair and dropped into oceantorturedi hope this helps

Why was the secular church important to the King in Medieval Times?

Read on and you shall discover why...It was so important because in medieval times people live in smelly huts with animals and there was barely any entertainment other than that. These places held fairs, plays, games, parties, you name it they held it! It was a chance for the people to get out of their smelly huts, to socialize and to have fun! For some it was the only source of fun and entertainment.I hope I have helped you and answered your question!

Who ranked highest in the hierarchy of the medieval church?

1=most important 1)Pope 2)Cardinal 3)Archbishop 4)Bishop 5)Priest Hope this helps!

How does castles effect in the Medieval Times?

what do you mean? If you mean... How do castles affect people in Medieval times? then they affected people in a normal way, because they gave people jobs which gave them money which paid their taxes which let the monarchy strive.... Hope this helped =^) xx Source: Sims Medieval... =^) Don't ask!! It's a very complicated story!! xx

When was Church of the Blessed Hope created?

Church of the Blessed Hope was created in 1863.

What is the relevance of the bubonic plague to medieval society?

It desecrated European society. It cause people to lose hope in their current life, but it also pushed people to look towards religion for salvation and a hope for a better life after death.

How can people gain hope after it has been lost?

You have to believe in God and pray and he WILL give you hope back :)

When was Freewill Baptist Church-Peoples Baptist Church-New Hope Church created?

Freewill Baptist Church-Peoples Baptist Church-New Hope Church was created in 1868.