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The Medieval people worked for 2 to 4 hours each day and they had to work every single day, except if they were really ill.

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Q: How long did medieval people work each day?
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How long did medieval blacksmiths work?


How long did the medieval peasants work for?

Their entire lives.

How long did medieval knights work for?

Until they died

Does anyone work for a medieval queen?

every queen has slaves and slaves work for them so yes medieval queens do have people working for them.

What were knight's work in medieval times?

kill people

What did people in medieval ages wear for work?


How long did peasant work for?

Medieval peasants worked all day.

Did the medieval people work if they were ill?

yes they did to support their families

How long should the long-distance relationship be?

Not long. Those never work out Answer It depends on the people involved and how they feel about each other, what their future plans are, etc.

Why did the people in medieval have respect for the scribes work?

Juss any1 noo :L

How do you compare jobs today to medieval jobs?

Today's jobs tend to be less physically demanding, but require more education than the medieval jobs did. Also in the Middle Ages, people were much more likely to do the same things their parents did than they are today. There are many more different kinds of jobs today than there were then, though the medieval job list is surprisingly long. Medieval people tended to work longer hours than people do today, and they were probably more willing to do risky work because they knew that life was short and hard, and that they would go to better things if they were good.

How did you get your job in the medieval ages?

Most people followed the same line of work as their parents. Some were apprenticed.