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danum i think

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Q: In roman times what was doncaster called?
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Why is doncaster rovers called rovers?

because they are from Doncaster!?

Which English town was Danum the Roman name for?


What Was Castleford called in Roman times?

In Roman times Castleford was called Lagentium or Legioleum.

Is doncaster a roman army settlement?

Yes, a fort was built at the crossing of the river Don in the first century AD. The fort was at first called Caer Daun. Later it was called Danum.

What are facts about Doncaster United Kingdom?

Some facts aout Doncaster, United Kingdom are: * Estimated population as of 2001 was 286,866. * Located in South Yorkshire County. * Dialling code is 01302. * Home to Doncaster College. * Home to the Robin Hood Airport. * Home to the Doncaster Rovers, the Doncaster Belles, and the Doncaster Lakers (sports teams). (Also, see other bullets for more info on these teams). * Was called Danvm in Roman times. * Name derives from the fort which is located at the foot of the town. The fort's name is Danum (Don), and "caster" is the Roman word for "fort." * One of the oldest horseraces was held at the Doncaster Racecourse. * Home to the 12th Century Conisbrough Castle. * Home to the men's football club, the Doncaster Rovers F.C. * Home to one of the most successful women's football clubs in the country, the Doncaster Belles L.F.C., who play at the Keepmoat Stadium. * Home to the Doncaster RLFC (formerly known as the Doncaster Dragons RLFC, or the Doncaster Lakers). * On March 5, 2004, Doncaster was granted Fairtrade Town status. * Doncaster's twin towns are: Dandong, China; Avion, France; Herten, Germany; Gliwice, Poland; Wilmington, North Carolina, USA; and Salgótarján, Hungary. * Home to Alun Armstrong, Mark Atkins, Douglas Bader, Jessica Baglow, John Francis Bentley, Brian Blessed, George Boole, Liam Botham, Steve Burton, Tony Christie, Roy Clarke, Jeremy Clarkson, and many more. * Local radio station is Trax FM - 107.1 FM.

What is the Doncaster Dome used for?

The Doncaster Dome, officially known as the The Dome Leisure Center, is a facility located in Doncaster, England. The Doncaster Dome contains a swimming complex called The Lagoons, a split-level ice skating rink called The Ice Caps, a fitness complex called Fitness Village, and a huge sports complex called The Hall which is also used to host concerts and other events.

What is the origin of the name Chester?

chester is a corruption of the roman word for castle ,as is caster. manchester,doncaster

Did the Romans live in Doncaster?

Yes, Doncaster was founded when the Romans built a fort in the area about 71 AD. The Romans called the fort Danum.

What is the river called in Doncaster?

The river Don

What was Poland called in roman times?


Why is the doncaster frenchgate center called the frenchgate center?

no, but before it was called the frenchgate centre it was called the Arnold centre

What were glass tiles called in Roman times?