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Because of a serious drought

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They could not earn enough from farming to pay their mortgages.

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Because of a serious drought

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Q: In the early 1930s why did so many farmers lose their land?
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In the 1930s why did so many farmers lose their land?

They could not earn enough from farming to pay their mortgages.

Why did many farmers lose their land in the early 1930?

Because of a serious drought

In early 1930 why did so many farmers lose their land?

Because of a serious drought

Why did so many farmers lose their land?

Many farmers lost their land due to factors such as economic downturns, rising debts, and land consolidation by larger agricultural corporations. Additionally, natural disasters, government policies, and changing market demands can also contribute to farmers losing their land.

Why there is unemployment in the 1930s?

Unemployment rates were high because it was the Great Depression. There was a huge economic downfall through out the whole world. Also the weather (in America) had taken a turn for the worse destroying agriculture which in turn made grown food too expensive to plant which caused farmers to lose both their jobs and their land.

Some technologies like pesticides have a number of negative effects. Which is a negative result of this technology?

rural farmers may lose their income

What can cause farmers to lose their crops?

Insects, lack of rain, late or early frost, hail storms, crops damaged by too much rain or wind.

Why was the lien system bad for farmers?

Small farmers could lose their farms

Do farmers lose money if a chicken dies?


How did the British empire lose land?

Why did The British Empire lose their land?

How do farmers lose crops?

no water to much sun

What responsible do farmers have?

farmers have to look out for there animals and plants or else they will lose there money.some farmers have huge responsibly like to have some of there workers deliver there stokes.