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What painting?

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Q: In what ways does this painting present a snapshot of peasant life?
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How do you describe peasant's life?

A life of toil and hard work. The peasant wasn't able to own much because all of his labor went to the manor, he fought as a foot soldier when there was a war, and often died by the age of 25.

What was another name for peasants in the middle ages?

anyone in medieval society below the middle class. working class citizens, serfs and the homeless.Answer:A medieval peasant was essentially a farmer who lived by subsisting on a plot of land. This land was not owned by the peasant, it was owned by a landlord who allowed the peasant to work the land in exchange for a tallage (a sort of tax) which would usually be a portion of his harvest.In social and economic terms, peasants were among both the poorest and most common people in medieval europe, probably constituting upwards of 90% of the population.In short, life as a medieval peasant was hard and their life expectancy reflected that. The life expectancy of a peasant was approximately 30 years.

What complaints did Roman Soldiers about life in the Army?

The Roman soldier had the standard gripes about army life as present day soldiers. Some of these were the lack of sleep, the discipline, the amount of deductions from their pay, the attitude of their centurion, and the food.

What civilization did Rome inherit its culture religion and way of life?

The Romans did not inherit their culture, religion and way of life from anyone. They had their culture, religion and way of life right from the start. In the early days there was an influence by their Sabine and Etruscan neighbours. Greek influence was also present form the early days and increased from the 3rd century B.C. when Rome took over Tarentum, the biggest Greek city in mainland Italy.

Why were medieval doom paintings used?

Doom paintings were used to warn people about living a sinful life by showing them heaven and hell.Read more: Why_were_medieval_doom_paintings_used

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Flemish painter of scenes of everyday life such as the Pleasant Wedding?

The closest match for a painting by a Flemish painter is The Peasant Wedding. It is a painting that was done by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. He was a Flemish Renaissance painter who completed the painting in 1567.

What actors and actresses appeared in Life as a Snapshot - 2012?

The cast of Life as a Snapshot - 2012 includes: Estelle Bajou Ilya Popenko

What did Degas hope to convey by cutting off parts of his subjects with the edge of the painting?

A more spontaneous impression, like a snapshot photo. & the idea that life continued beyond the edges of his canvas

When was The Life of a Peasant Woman created?

The Life of a Peasant Woman was created in 1863.

What kind of person is peasant?

A person who is a peasant is a person who lives rural life (Country Life) as a farmer.

How was the social life of a noble?

It was much better then the life of a peasant.

What was life like after the Peasant's Revolt?


What factors transformed peasant life in euorpe in the 1800s?

In the 1800's the feudal peasant no longer existed.

Why was Pieter Brueghel called Peasant Brueghel?

He was sometimes called "Peasant Breughel" because his paintings are often about peasant life, and because he liked dressing up like one and attending peasant weddings.

What were some main achievements from Pieter Breugel the Elder?

One was the Peasant Wedding which was known because it shows his affection for peasant life and his droll humor. Another is the Tower of Babel which shows the construction of the massive tower and is the last painting that resembles to Bosch's works (the Painter who influenced him), this painting led to a new style in Pieter's paintings. The Triumph of Death was also well known just as 5 paintings that explain 5 times of the year.

How would a peasant have fun?

all your life lol!

What is life size portrait painting?

Life size painting, including portraits, is painting objects to real life scale. If a person is 5'7" in real life, they will also be 5'7" in a life size portrait.