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The European Ages used class and estates as a system of stratification for feudal societies. Feudalism had three estates, which were the Church was the first estate, the nobility were the second, and the peasants were the third estate.

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Q: Is class the system of stratification for feudal societies of the European Middle Ages?
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How is social status usually determined in European and Japanese feudal societies?


How do European and Japanese feudal societies compare an contrast?

The basic idea is the same, but instead of pledging fealty to royalty, the Japanese feudal system will have a military general at the top (shogun).

How do you use the feudal in a sentence?

During the middle ages most societies operated under some form of feudal system.

How did nation-states emerge from feudal societies?

From feudal societies,came the Kingdom had to be governed to its best potential. Control over the land was a crucial task as there were threats of warfare from other Kingdoms. The form of control of feudal societies were that of warfare and economic.

What role did the feudal manor play in Western European society in the Middle Ages?

The Manor ade Feudalism possible

How did nation states emerge from feudal societies?

Nation states emerged from feudal societies through a gradual process of centralization of power. Feudal societies were characterized by a fragmented political structure with power dispersed among feudal lords and vassals. However, over time, monarchs were able to consolidate their authority and establish central institutions of governance, such as bureaucracies, standing armies, and legal systems. This process eventually led to the emergence of nation states, which were defined by a centralized political structure and a sense of shared identity among their populations.

What is the name of a peasant who was bound to soil?

A serf is a peasant who was bound to the land they worked on, unable to leave without permission from their lord. This system of serfdom was common in feudal societies during the Middle Ages.

Feudal societies are generally characterized by?

An emphasis on social order

Who controlled the feudal society in the middle ages?

the kin g would controll the feudal society

How can you classify the societies of traditional China feudal Japan and Czarist Russia?

A rigid class structure

What is the level of science and technology in Nigeria in the precolonial era?

Low, neolithic to feudal societies were the norm.

Was the first European country to become a feudal state?