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The Answer Is Gravel, a size of rock, is a common resource used to
build roads. It is made of small pieces of rocks and
sand. Many roads are made of just gravel. Other
roads are gravel covered with asphalt or concrete.
Concrete is a mixture of gravel, sand,
water, and cement.

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Q: Is gypsum or gravel a resource used to build roads?
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Why did the Romans build roads?

so they can travel

Were Roman roads called aqueducts?

No, aqueducts were used to carry clean water to cities. The names of the types of roads were via munita for the stone-paved road, via glareata for the gravel surfaced road and via terrena for the leveled earth road.

How did the Romans help build roads?

The Romans were extremely good at building things, roads, buildings, bridges, walls; anything they needed. They were excellent engineers and craftsmen. They were very well trained, and worked hard to find the best way to execute an engineering project. They had the time and the money to spend on projects, like roads, that were important to the empire.Well, roads helped the Romans be able to travel easier from province to province.They tended to build the roads so they could carry heavy things and walk on the roads

What do you mean by metalled and unmetalled roads?

An unmetalled road has no surface covering over the bare earth or grass track. a "metalled" road is a concrete or asphalt road, as opposed to a dirt or gravel road

Which people united their empire with a road system that extended more than 12 000 miles?

The Romans are famous for having built a great network of roads around their empire and for having invented the stone-paved roads, which had a military purpose (they speeded up the movement of troops and made the transport of supplies to the soldiers at the front or stationed in garrisons quicker and easier). The Romans built far more than 12,000 miles of roads, The network of roads in the empire totalled 400,000 kilometres (249,000 miles). The famous Roman stone-paved roads constitute 20% of this network; that is, 80,500 kilometres (50,000 miles). The other roads were either paved with gravel or were levelled earth roads.

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What is mixed with ashphalt to make roads?


What is gravel for?

The main industrial use for gravel is to pave roads and paths. Gravel is also used to help make concrete.

What happened to cars and roads in the 1920s?

Cars were improved tremendously and roads were converted from gravel and dirt to paved roads.

What substance obtained from petroleum is used for covering on roads?

Tar is obtained from liquid petroleum. Tar is used as a hot liquid covering under gravel to build roads. Note: Asphalt is made from bituminous coal pitch, mixed with sand or gravel. The black color comes from coal pitch, not from petroleum, as does tar.

What uses for gravel?

The main industrial use for gravel is to pave roads and paths. Gravel is also used to help make concrete.

What are most roads made out of?

asphalt and gravel mixtureconcreteother surfaces

Why is gravel used on non paved roads?

Seth Blackwood

Can you build roads on sims?

no u cant build roads on sims :) :) ;) ;)

Which rocks did the Romans use to build roads?

The Roman engineers created roads that went through natural obstacles rather than around them wherever possible. A Roman road consisted of two parallel trenches and a well drained core. Packed small stones were the foundation and the drainage system was the best the ancient world had ever seen. Layers of concrete and cement and concrete gravel made the roads durable. The top layer was made of gravel, packed stones and paving stones.

What types of roads did they have during industrial revolution?

During the industrial revolution, the types of roads that existed were primarily dirt roads or cobblestone roads. Due to the increasing need for transportation for goods and people, there was a gradual improvement in road infrastructure, with some roads being widened and reinforced with gravel or stone, and others being paved with bricks or macadam. However, the quality and maintenance of roads varied greatly between different regions.

Roads are made up of what?

sand gravel, asphalt, pavement, concrete, and rebar

What are the different types of roads?

Gravel, Concrete, Asphalt, Rock... What does that have to do with Pokemon? :P