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Who is Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus

About 600 BC Rome was conquered by a group from Asia Minor known as the

Roman rule was usually tolerated well because

The history of Rome called The Aeneid was written by

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Q: Is the roman empire's government democracy autocracy or aristocracy?
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What two empires invited democracy?


What does US believe should happen to the ottoman empires land?

Should have self-rule and democracy

Which is most accurate about the Southeast Asian empires?

how successful were the asians empires were in administering government when absent from local areas

What did the Roman and Han empires have in common?

the Han and Roman empires had multiple commonalities including their trade, and basic government

What empire's government was a republic?

The Roman and British empires were republics.

How did the Egyptian government interact with other empires and kingdom?

they didnt

What kind of government did ancient Arabia have?

Absolute monarchy (kingdoms/empires)

Which was associated with the government of both assyria and Persia?

They were both major empires.

Was president Wilson successful in making the world a safe place for democracy?

Of course not. The German, Austro-Hungarian and Turkish Empires were arbitrarily dismantled. The British and French expanded their empires. The Bolshevik Empire in Russia was not destroyed!

Who are empires?

Your question can be asking for two answers. If you mean what are empires, well, they are a group of territories ruled by one central government and law. If you mean who are emperors, they are the ones who rule an empire.

What had become widespread in romes government leading to the empires eventual decline?

do i look like i can answer? NOPE

How was the government set up after the fall of the Aztec and Inca empires?

they would set up for winter

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