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In secular society, the order was:

  • Royalty at the top
  • Nobility
  • Free people, including merchants, tradesmen, and so on
  • Serfs
  • and sometimes there were slaves

Knights, who were usually considered to be the lowest rank of nobility.

Peasants included freemen, serfs and slaves. Freemen were independent farmers. Serfs were dependents of nobles or landed gentry, to whom they owed allegiance; serfs were not entirely free, but were not slaves either. Most countries did not have slaves.

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its king lords knights peasants and serfs

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Q: King lords vassal's knights peasants and serfs is this the ranking of people in medieval times?
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Were peasants who worked land for a lord in medieval Europe a Vassals b Surfs c Fiefs d Knights?

__________ were peasants who worked land for a lord in medieval Europe. a. Vassals b. Surfs c. Fiefs d. Knights

Who was in charge of roman peasants?

If the peasants were on a lord's property, then they were under knights of the vassals.

What it feudalism?

Eurpean feudalism is where there is a monarch who gives fiefs of land to lords an vassals, who in turn give land to peasants and knights. You could call it a higherarchy.

How did feudalism separate the middle ages society?

Kings and queens were at the top. After them were lords and ladies. Then came knights and vassals. The lowest class was made up of peasants and serfs

Politically feudalism meant?

Feudalism was a political and social system in medieval Europe where land was held by lords in exchange for loyalty and military service from vassals. It was characterized by a hierarchy of power with the king at the top, followed by nobles and then vassals. The system also involved the granting of land (fiefs) from higher-ranking lords to lower-ranking vassals for their service.

Did medieval vassals go into battle?


What was the fuedal system and how did it start?

the Feudal system was shown as a triangle with the monarchs(kings and queens) on the top then lords, ladies, and noblesthen priests, nuns, knights, and vassals finally there was theserfs and peasants.

The is made up of knights and townspeople-?

The relationship between lords and vassals made up a big part of the ... clergy and peasants and townspeople Knight.

How was wealth determined in Medieval Europe?

The Feudal System which provided wealth and land to vassals, jobs for knights, and work for serfs.

What was the connection of lords vassals and knights?

If a lord acted in the service of a king, the lord was considered a vassal of the king. ...Military men, or knights, began to receive land, along with peasants for farmwork. ...Alord also enjoyed incidental benefits and rights in connection with a fief.

How many people were involved in the feudal system?

the pope/church come first , then monarchs,afterthat nobles, then knights and vassals, 2nd to last the merchants and farmers and also craftsmen, Last in power in fuedalism is peasants and serfs.

Why were knights valuable to feudal vassals?

they were valuable in case prtection was needed