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Mistrust and petty jealousies arose among the landlords, or noblemen, and eventually led to the breakdown of medieval society.

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Q: Medieval society began to break down before the Crusades because?
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How did the crusades lead to social changes in Europe?

One of the changes that inflicted society were the different fruit/vegetables they had never seen before. Not only that, but much more. People who went on th crusades brought these goods back to their home country. Also, they learned a lot about science, mathematics, healthcare and many more.

Who controlled the holy lands before the crusades started?

Muslims controlled it before and after. The crusades were pointless

What does medieval society have that modern society doesn't?

well, they used to pee in buckets and throw it out the window. now they just go in the alley.

How did the crusades help with colonialism in America?

They didn't. The crusades ended before America was colonized.

Why was Saint George important in the Crusades?

George was dead hundreds of years before the Crusades so did not participate.

What did the crusades bring back with them after they impacted Europe?

They brought back knowledge that had been lost before the crusades

What is a christian military expedition to free the holy land from the Muslims in medieval times?

Christian military expeditions to take the "holy land" from the Muslims during the middle ages were called crusades becasue they carried the Sign of the Cross before them.

What effects did the crusades have on Europe?

Crusaders brought back goods increasing trade.

What did European and Muslim cultures have in common before crusades?

The European and Muslim cultures before the crusades commonly traded with one another. This is the reason why they had large fleets of merchant ships.

What age was before modern age?

"Medieval Age" no it was not the medieval age. it was the twentieth century,and before that it was the renaissance.

What was the relationship like between Muslims and Christians before the crusades?

It's complicated.

What did peasants enjoy doing in the medieval times?

1)Nothing because they had to only work(BEFORE BLACK DEATH)2)Rebel